Start of Cookbook journey

It has been about 10 years since I left home. From being a student, to now following a typical working routine, I started to learn taking better care of my body.

What I noticed is that my metabolism system does not work as robust as 10 years ago. I used to be able to eat whatever I want, fast food, spicy, or late at night. My weight can always keep stable. Nowadays, I found that I have a hard time digesting all the things that I eat. Plus, sitting in front of PC all day, not drinking enough water just makes it worse.

Coming home around 7pm (the earliest), very often I just want to eat something fast and easy, and most likely, next to Netflix! In this case, I can easily end up with pizza, bread, cheese and charcuteries. With the hunger and tiredness, it makes me eat even much more than I should have. After a while, I can see that it has a very big impact not only on my body, but on my skin and my mood.

After speaking to lots of people who were born in 90s, many would either eat a very simple fast dinner, or drink a beer after work instead of dinner. I hear often that they would like to cook something, but they have little idea of what to cook except a salad with avocado.

Hence I got the inspiration to create this cookbook, for us born in 90’s. By interviewing people from all over the world, I will focus on one country’s cuisine each month, four dishes per country, to develop this cookbook.

In the cookbook, you can find recipes in categories of  “One person dish” and “Chef Day”.

  • “One person dish” recipes will take you discover simple, healthy recipes that you can make easily after work.
  • “Chef Day” recipes can teach you some special dishes that can impress your guests during special occasions.

It will be my personal project for the coming year. Today will be my first day and wish me luck!

Sep 18, 2018 @ Paris


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